About Me

Hi, I am Miia Kelly.

Do you want to know what is happening in your local real estate market? Do you want to know what your home would sell for if you listed it today (or what you should pay for a home if you are offering to buy it)? Do you want to have the documents that you are signing explained to you so that you understand them?

As a professional Real Estate Sales Representative Miia takes every home valuation seriousl
y. She considers the current market in the local area and determine the best listing price (or offering price) strategy for each client. With a background as a Real Estate Law Clerk, Miia believes in the importance of understanding the documents that are being signed, and she takes pride in her ability to answer a clients' questions about them. Miia is your Real Estate Sales Representative for life! Proudly serving Durham Region, Toronto and surrounding areas.

Call or text Miia directly today: 416-725-3544.