Average Home Prices by Municipality – from Mississauga to Clarington

September 15, 2019


How did average home prices compare across the GTA last month?

From West to East:

Mississauga:       $732,549     + 7.1% vs one year prior

Toronto:              $881,715     + 4.3% vs one year prior

Pickering:            $686,301     + 5.0% vs one year prior

Ajax:                     $657,752     + 4.8% vs one year prior

Whitby:                $687,649     + 8.7% vs one year prior

Oshawa:              $516,737       + 2.05% vs one year prior

Clarington:          $577,157     + 1.3% vs one year prior

This includes information about sales for all home types and is best used in comparison to the average home price of other months and years, as a general indicator of how the market is behaving. For specific information about your neighbourhood and home type, call/text/email me and I’ll be happy to provide you with more relevant current market information and a free home valuation.

If you have any questions, let me know.