First Steps with Miia

First Step – What’s Happening in the Market?

To begin learning about what is happening in your neighbourhood of interest at any point in time, you can start by looking at property listings on

You can also arrange for Miia to set you up with automatic email notifications about listings that are in your desired price range and other criteria. It’s never too early to contact Miia to get this step started. Setting you up with these automatic emails is quick and easy; Miia just needs you to provide her with your desired criteria such as price range, neighbourhoods of interest, parking requirements, etc.

By watching the listings over time, and receiving Miia’s updates, you will begin to get to know the market.

To start receiving listings by email, call or text Miia at 416-725-3544, or email and ask for listing emails. She will reply and ask you for your desired criteria.

Next Steps

When you are ready, an initial meeting will be arranged, so that you and Miia can get to know each other a bit and discuss the process of buying and any concerns that you might have. At this time you will be able to discuss your current knowledge and experience about buying a home and the best approach to take for finding the property for which you are looking. It is a chance to ensure that you are choosing the right Real Estate Sales Representative to suit your needs.

Once you are ready to move forward with Miia acting on your behalf, you will start letting Miia know which listings are of most interest to you and which homes you would like to go and see. Miia will schedule appointments through the seller’s agent and together you will go and see the homes.

It is rare for anyone to buy the first home that they see. It may be best to see a good number of homes in order to understand the current market and what you would be willing to pay for any given home, compared to what else is on the market at the same time. Be prepared to see that the homes don’t always look as perfect in person as they do in the photos – we don’t know what’s NOT in the photos, until we go and take a look with our own eyes. After seeing several homes you will begin to understand your preferences better, which will help you find the home which is the best fit for you.

Rest assured that throughout the process, Miia will provide you with the information that you need to assist you in making your decisions.

To schedule an appointment with Miia, call or text 416-725-3544, or email


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