I have lived in two areas of Oshawa – near Harmony and Adelaide and near Stevenson and Laval.

With Oshawa’s more affordable home prices, home ownership is more of a possibility here. Living near the Oshawa Go Train Station would mean that commuting to Toronto is still do-able. Yes, the commute is long, but again, it’s do-able.

The Oshawa Centre provides an excellent covered mall experience for the fussiest shopper. And if the store you want isn’t there, then it’s nearby – major retailers conglomerate in this area of Oshawa, making any shopping trip here easy to navigate.

Not too far away from the hustle and bustle of the Oshawa shopping areas, are the trails. You can walk or bike on the trails and even get to the lake where Oshawa has Lakeview Park, complete with a beach. You might also catch a cargo ship docked at the Oshawa Harbour.