Four Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home

August 21, 2019

It’s not uncommon for people to trade in their compact cars for something roomier, like an SUV. The same thing happens with homes. Sometimes people simply outgrow them.

How can you tell if that’s happening with your property? Here are some clues:

You need more space.

This is the most common reason people upgrade to a bigger home. They need more room. For any number of reasons, you might want an extra bedroom, a larger living room, a bigger backyard, or a more spacious kitchen. Rather than put up with feeling cramped, consider exploring the extra space that a new home can provide.

A renovation won’t fix it.

Sometimes, when a property doesn’t fit its owners’ needs anymore, they consider a renovation. For example, if they need more space for a home office, they convert a spare room or finish the basement. However, a renovation doesn’t always fix the problem. For example, expanding a single-wide driveway into a double may not be possible given the constraints of your property. Or, if you live in a condo apartment, there’s just no room to expand. Looking into buying a new home can solve that problem.

You’re interested in a new neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood may have been perfect for you at one time. But needs evolve. You may now be looking for something that your area doesn’t provide – like a more convenient commute to work or a better school for your kids. If that’s the case, it might be time to look at other neighbourhoods you’d like to consider, and see what types of homes are currently available there.

It’s time for a change.

Sometimes you simply feel like it’s time for a change. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel you need a practical reason to sell and find a new home. If this feels like the right time for you to move, go for it.


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