What’s Open and Closed in Real Estate on Labour Day?

September 7, 2020


What’s Open and Closed on Labour Day in Real Estate?
– Me, as your Realtor – if you have any questions for me today, then feel free to call/text/email me.
– Sellers, for home showings. It is, of course, the seller’s decision whether or not to allow showings at their home on any given day. Generally speaking, sellers can allow showings and buyers can go look at homes today.
– Land Registry Office – this is a government office which is required for closing a real estate purchase/sale/mortgage, therefore, closings cannot happen today.
– Banks and other institutional lenders – any dealings with these institutions which require staff assistance will not be able to be completed today.
– Real estate lawyers – law firms are usually closed. Of course, you might be able to reach your particular lawyer, if your lawyer is willing and able to respond.
IT DEPENDS: some services involved in real estate may or may not be open, so check with each one specifically (or let your Realtor do the work for you):
– Mortgage representatives
– Home inspectors
– Self-employed individuals involved in preparing your home for sale, such as renovators, handyperson services, cleaners, stagers, etc.
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