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Latest News

How To Be A Smart Home Viewer

Viewing new homes on the market can be a very exciting and a fast-paced experience – especially if you’re also selling your current property. You see a home you like, you fall in love with some of its key features and, before you know it, you’re making an offer. But, ...

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New First Time Home Buyer Incentive from the Federal Government

Assuming that our upcoming federal election (or anything else for that matter) does not change anything, we can count on the new first time home buyer incentive program to begin accepting applications on September 2, 2019 (with the first available closing date of November 1, 2019). The new incentive will assist ...

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June 2019 Market Update

Watch my June 2019 Market Update Video.... Featuring:  how does Durham Region compare to the overall GTA in average home prices? https://youtu.be/n5M5xaFRiuE   ...

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Surviving A Home Renovation

You’ve picked a great contractor or decorator. The crew is coming in on Monday to do the work. You can hardly wait to see the renovated kitchen, new hardwood floors, or freshly painted living room. But there’s one thing that can put a damper on all your enthusiasm. The work itself. Dust. ...

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Determining What You Can Afford

Money: What Do You Have and What Can You Borrow? Determining the type of home that you can afford to purchase involves figuring out how much money you have for your down payment and the mortgage loan that is available to you. The down payment is the largest cash cost involved ...

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Selling Your Home And Buying Another – Quickly

What if something unexpected happened – a relocation, perhaps – and you needed to sell your current property quickly and find another home? What would you need to do to make that happen, especially when you don’t have a minute to spare? Focus on the following three steps: 1. Prepare your ...

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Moving With 4 Cats

Cats do not like moving day, that’s for sure. And, of course, as cat owners we wish we could always just let them do what they do best, which is to be happy all of the time. But once in a while we have to put our kitties into their ...

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Are Canadians at Risk of Insolvency? See what Benjamin Tal says.

“Bankruptcies and insolvencies have been trending downward for years now. For years, because the labour market is on fire. The labour market in Canada has been very very strong. In fact, companies can’t find people. And that’s something that will continue to keep the insolvency story ok.” - Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief ...

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My latest read: The Family War


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How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Your home has both a personal value and a market value. When you think of your home as a place where a family is raised and memories are built, then it’s like those popular MasterCard commercials on television: Your home’s value is “priceless”. But when it comes to how much your home ...

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