Selling a Home with Miia

Initial Consultation: What’s My Home Worth? What’s the Marketing Plan?

For some people, before they can decide if they want to sell their home, they need to know what they can expect of the selling price and the local market activity. In any event, all sellers should have this information before the Listing Agreement is signed with any agent.

When you are thinking about selling, meet up with Miia for an initial consultation at your home. She can provide you with a free Home Valuation and Market Update Report to help you decide if now is the right time for you to move. At this time, Miia will also discuss a potential marketing plan for selling your home with you.

Most people hope that their home will sell quickly for the highest possible price and that the process will be smooth and trouble-free. In addition, you may have your own personal concerns about the selling process, relating to your work schedule, your children, your pets, your valuables and other matters. Starting at the initial consultation and continuing on throughout the process, Miia will discuss your concerns and find ways to make the selling process suit your needs as well as possible.