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How To Minimize Water Damage

It’s amazing how much damage that water can cause. Just two gallons of water from a burst pipe or overflowing toilet can wreak havoc throughout your home and necessitate thousands of dollars in repairs. Ouch! What should you do at the first sign of water leakage? First, stop the source. ...

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Four Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home

It’s not uncommon for people to trade in their compact cars for something roomier, like an SUV. The same thing happens with homes. Sometimes people simply outgrow them. How can you tell if that’s happening with your property? Here are some clues: You need more space. This is the most ...

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Gentle Ways to Deal with Insects in the Home

A growing number of homeowners are uncomfortable with using traditional pesticides for a variety of reasons, including health and environmental concerns. If you’re among them, here are some natural ways to deal with insects in your home: Use a mixture of unsweetened lemon juice and water to deter spiders. Spray ...

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